Actions accourding to the Word


Jesus once in a debate spoke these words to a man that oposed him.

“You are wrong because you do not know the scriptures and that is why you do not know the power of God.”

The Word of God is much easier said than done. It’s easy to talk about what God’s Word requires of us. It’s easy to quote scriptures. It’s easy to shout “Amen” in response to good preaching. It’s even easy to point fingers at someone else for not living up to the standard of God’s Word. What’s not so easy is carrying out The Word of God in your own life. It’s a whole lot harder than it looks on paper.

In the parable of the builders, Jesus was careful to say that the type of foundation necessary to withstand the storms of life is not determined by anything but adherence to His Word. That’s important because even though hearing or knowing The Word of God is great until it is put into action a foundation has not been built in the life of a Christian. Therefore, a man who hears The Word without doing it is as unstable as a man who didn’t hear it at all.

Unfortunately, that explains why some “seasoned” Christians fall on the day of temptation. They may be experienced at attending church or even talking about the scriptures but lack the necessary experience of living them out on a daily basis. The Church is built on the rock foundation of Jesus Christ and He is The Word of God. During His time walking the earth as a man, He issued a simple challenge; do what He says and you’ll survive the storms of life. Take the challenge today.

Maturity is about using The Word of God to make the right decisions in life. Anyone who does not exercise The Word is still a baby and does not qualify to teach others. Therefore, the only way I can qualify to teach God’s Word is if I know what it says, understand it and use it in my life. I should be so skilled in living by God’s Word that my senses are conditioned to make the right choices. I no longer struggle to make the right decisions because I know by experience what God requires of me.

Are you living according to God’s code or God’s word?

Or are you playing the worlds’ standard and make it your our own standard way of living?

We’re now seeing signs of the times. Today…
…Pornography is everywhere.
…Lying is just part of day to day conversation.
…Any sinful act has become a norm in our society.

That’s why you need to be vigilant in memorizing and meditating God’s word.

God would like you to live on a solid commitment to His words and His ways.

But here’s the thing…if you don’t know and don’t meditate His words, how can you be sure if you’re still in God’s perfect will?


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