Too Flop or not to Flop

So say for instance we try to bake a cake right. So we ask around for a recipe from a friend that brought us a cake which was very delicious.

So we decide on a day to make the cake we look at the recipe and we decide just to alter it slightly, instead of 2 eggs we use one and instead of the portion of flower we use only half and to further our baking experience we half the time in the oven as well. So when we decide to remove the cake from the oven at the altered time decided on we found and were quite disappointed at the result.

It turned out a mess.
So we don’t give up yet we are after all go a getter and we announce that failure don’t get us down.
So we start all over again but instead of following the recipe like written down we decide to do it exactly like we did it before and when it turned out to be a flop we sit with double the mess.

This is just insanity, isn’t it. Why didn’t we follow the recipe instead of our own will.

We call the friend and share our experience and with guidance we decide that we will follow the recipe and we will use the right ingredient to fit our cake. And abracadabra we have a good result.

This is how some of us is leading the life granted to us by the recipe given to us ( the word of God ) we choose and we make a deliberate choice either not to read the recipe or we do read it but we do not follow it.

The Bible should be the instruction to our lives and we should follow it with all diligence. Being diligent is something that you do over and over. It should be a way of constant conscience living, something we do on purpose with purpose. Its when we follow this recipe and put all the ingredients in and follow all the instructions that we will be blessed with the perfect result. More than this we would be able to share this recipe with others as well in order for them to have the same wonderful experience that we have had.


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