Supply all virtue to your faith

The Virtue, Christian virtue. The word carries the idea of moral excellence. This speaks of purity in heart and mind. It speaks of modesty, humility, an inner strength to do what’s right. Literally it’s “manliness”. Today that doesn’t mean much. When was the last time you saw a man portrayed in a positive light on television. If you haven’t noticed in commercials the man is always a bumbling idiot.

Manliness used to be applauded, celebrated and encouraged. We would encourage young boys to grow up and be a man. We were to man up, play the man. We were to be responsible, we were to care for our families, we were to protect and provide for our families, we were to be the spiritual leaders of our families. It speaks of strength, it speaks of courage, it speaks of laying down your life if necessary. Women and children first, you were to be a man and make sure that all the women and children got in to the life rafts first, even if that meant going down with the ship and loosing your own life. Play the man.

Moral excellence, we are to make every effort to abundantly supply moral excellence to our life of faith. I wonder what percentage of Christians can say they are making any effort at all to do this. The number of men and women who are addicted to pornography and few take this command from Scripture seriously.

We live in a sex crazed culture, but the church is to be different, Christians are to be different. We are to with great effort add to our faith moral excellence. Stand up and be brave for GOD. How awesome he is.

Gunther B


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