Random faith

I met a man on the street today just before boarding the bus on route to the Free State. When he approached me I thought to myself of the excuses I will have to listen to just to feel guilty enough to part with a few Rands… Then it came… After a slow shuffle towards me at pretoria station.

” Sir I have been asking the whole day and I just need some money for dinner tonight, I have been asking around the whole day and people are difficult.”

I then reached into my bag and took my wallet and handed over a blue hundred Rand note.

As he took it I said to him ” My friend maybe you should stop asking people and start asking God”

He surprisingly came to sit next to me and said that I must tell him more about what I am referring to. I reach into my bag and strange enough I did pack in my bible. He started by telling me his life story and surprisingly it was just like mine except the last part. I sat and pondered for a while and started reading scripture to him one after the other. The word of God just jumped out and they were the words from God that pulled me out of the dark whole that I just found myself a few months ago…

One after the other verse I just saw the face of the homeless man lit up. I made it clear to him that God is for him. I wish I could make him read the blogg daily. He then told me how his mother and step dad want nothing to do with him and how he really messed up. I then told him about the relationship of David with his parents and Joseph with his brothers and the rejection they had to endure. I then described to him how he is a adopted child of the living God and that God want to use him.

I felt so close to this man, that probably haven’t had a bath in the last week. He looks about 40 but that is the life on the street” it ages you fast” he said ” I am 30″

Right at the end I thought I done my bit and that the gospel has been spread. He then took my hand and said ” sir please pray for me” I was shocked, praying in public I have never done before. So I closed my eyes took Werner the homeless man on the shoulders and starting praying.
It was like I was overtaken by not my own will and courage came my way. After our prayer I gave Werner some tips on prayer and said that He must believe with all his courage. Ask, Seek, Receive , do your part.

Werner left my side after an hour discussion on the will and power of God. Afterwards I wondered if I did something to benefit him or myself. I had no Idea why I had my bible with me. But it came in handy. I wish Werner the best of Luck and I hope my word fell on the ground that the holy spirit prepared. I felt sorry for Werner when he left but I know God has a plan for Him to prosper him and not to harm him.

Glory to God.


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