Read this: You Are In A Big Trouble!


An old man and his wife were sitting in front of the fireplace one evening taking life easy.

After a long silence, the wife said: “Jeffrey, I think it’s raining. Why don’t you get up and go outside and see?”

The old man continued to gaze into the fire for a while, sighed and then said, “Aw, Ma, why don’t we just call in the dog and see if he’s wet.”

That’s what you call the height of laziness. And I wouldn’t want to say that we are downright lazy, but we all have a lazy streak in us.

And laziness is a faith killer.

If you’re too lazy to open and read your Bible…
If you’re too lazy to pray and be thankful to God…
If you’re too lazy to memorize and meditate scriptures…

Laziness is a good indicator that you’re slipping away from the hands of God.
How to break this laziness in you? Start moving!
Simply choose one Bible verse and start memorizing it.

Here is one for you to start with. ……………take a moment…………..

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Hewbrews 11:1


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