1 John 5:14 (New International Version) says, “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.”

I read this story and I want to share it.

In one of the old high rise buildings in the city, a Christian rode an elevator with 10 other people.

Midway the up, the elevator car stopped somewhere between floors 5 between and 6.

An mechanical failure had occurred.

One person started pushing the buttons like there was no tomorrow. A few others started to shout and grow franticfailure, but to no avail. One man even hit the elevator door several times hoping people will hear them.
This Christian, calm and collect, slid open a hatch and took a telephone, which connected him to the person at the lobby.

He mentioned that their car elevator was stuck and asked them to check it out.

He didn’t raise his voice
He wasn’t panicky.

After a minute or two, the elevator moved much to the relief of its passengers.

LISTEN: If you have made Jesus the Lord of your life, you have a direct connection with Him.

Just pick up the telephone called PRAYER and speak to Him directly.

No need to press the buttons. No need to slam on the door.

Talk to God for Jesus had made it possible already for us.

He hears your cries. He hears your hurts. He hears you loud and clear.

Because of our direct access to God, we can pray, meditate on His word, and be fed with spiritual food


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