Freely you have received ! GIVE!


Do you despise the church of God by humiliating those who have nothing? I Corinthians 11:22

The servant of Christ Paul was concerned about the selfish practices of some of those that were coming to their Christian fellowship and worship service. They were being gluttons, getting drunk and totally ignoring the needs of the poor that were there. It was a form of discrimination that angered Paul and brought shame to Jesus Himself. Paul wrote to them saying that humiliating the poor by ignoring their needs, flaunting their riches in front of them and not having compassion on them was the same as despising the church and bringing disgrace upon it.

God cares for the poor and needy.

The question is, “Do we?”  When the needy suddenly appears next to your car window and suprise you completely, do you look away and think that a feeling of deep pity will put bread in the hand of that person.

Do you go about in a frantic panic looking for some change around you and realizing that you have none, knowingly that you have some paper notes in your wallet and then its at this point where you just say sorry and move on to the next traffic light.

Do you get irritated and just say to yourself it’s going to booze anyhow.

Do you chase them away like dogs and feed your pets better at home than the needy.

But then you say, “Listen I work for my money, so can they”

Can they?

Have you seen the unemployment percentage in this country, are you blind?  Don’t you know that your salary comes from God? Don’t reason like a fool!!
Paying tithes maybe your excuse too. But inside you know that the issues are not linked at all. Give bread if that is a tip to you.
Do you Despise the Church of God. Just a though.

It’s up to you!



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